Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Only One Game

Yes, it was a let down.  Yes, Roy Halladay had an amazing game.  But let's put it into perspective, it's only one game! Hi, it's Meghan.

Our Redlegs still have a lot of baseball to play.  I know Reds fans are ready to keep cheering them on.  When we win Friday, the Natiboys will be back at home Sunday and the hometown crowd will give them a boost.

Even though the game didn't go as I would have liked.  I still had a lot of fun supporting our team. I wanted to blog this week to give you a look at my activities on Wednesday, Oct. 6th, also known as the day that the Reds started their first post-season baseball in 15 years!

4:00 AM - Heading from the studio to Fountain Square to tell our viewers about all the food and drink specials I found at local bars and restaurants for the Reds game.  I'm also planning my own "pub crawl" later to see how different fans around Cincinnati cheer on their team!

Cream cheese, anyone?
8:10 AM - "My Mom Calls Me George" of KISS 107 FM has created a voodoo sculpture of Philly legend Rocky Balboa out of Philadelphia brand cream cheese, and he is going to destroy it using a Reds t-shirt cannon in the middle of Fountain Square!  Well, we learned a little about MMCMG's sculpting skills (2nd only to Michelangelo's) and the viscosity of cream cheese at 50 degrees (low enough to stop a speeding t-shirt apparently).  Nonetheless, the bust of Rocky clearly lost this fight, and the momentum and karma is surely going to help our Reds KO the Phillies in the NLDS!

MMCMG puts the final touches on CC Rocky, and the Reds Cannon of Destruction.

So maybe it didn't explode quite like we thought, but Philadelphia definitely got creamed. :)

4:00 PM - After my lunch, a nap, and a workout, I am ready to start pre-gaming!

4:20 PM - The In Between, Downtown
I was actually hoping to make it out to Maloney's Pub in Delhi, but I got a late start and didn't want to fight traffic.  Unfortunately, In Between didn't have any specials and only had about 8 people in the bar.  Disappointing.

4:25 - 4:45 PM - Skyline Chili, 4th & Sycamore
Got a free cheese coney!  Yum!

5:00 - Fountain Square, Downtown
Pretty decent crowd, food, drinks, and great weather, but the sun was setting right behind the big screen making it pretty difficult to watch the game.
5:05 - 5:30 PM - Rock Bottom Brewery
Bad start for Edison Volquez and the Reds.  And I didn't even like the beer I picked. :(  Good crowd of after work folks though!
5:55 - 6:45 PM - Brothers Bar & Grill, Newport
Hung out with lots of Reds staff members, my sister, and my friend Amy.  
The Reds didn't perform too well, but the day was still a lot of fun!

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