Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And they're off!

In the paddock
before race #12
There is something I look forward to each fall besides football games, Halloween and my favorite coats. It's an idyllic horse track in the heart of the Bluegrass State called Keeneland. Hi, it's Meghan. :)

I’ve been to Keeneland many times, but each time I am still awed by the experience. Considered one of America’s most beautiful tracks, Keeneland is known for its historic architecture, meticulous landscaping, and top notch horse racing.

Me with the Desperate
Housewives of Delhi
It’s kind of long story as to how and why, but I ended joining a bus trip organized by the Seton High Athletic Boosters Club, despite no prior connection to the organization. Luckily the group was very welcoming and a ton of fun. The Seton Boosters were a lively and passionate group that took pride in their school and their Westside community. We traveled down in a nice bus and our tailgate surely was the envy of the parking lot. One group of ladies referred to themselves as the Desperate Housewives of Delhi – check out my picture with some of them. Oh, and a special thanks to Lou and Michelle and the others who did all the work to organize the trip.

By mid-afternoon, it was time to watch the ponies! You may be surprised to learn that I know enough horse racing to know that the horse with the best name usually wins. So that is how I came to win $30 on a $5 show bet on Sun Bear in race #3. I know that’s not much money, but a win is a win! :)
with super trainer Mike Maker

My friends Brandi and Jeff are part owners of a horse so we got access into the paddock, the prep area where the horses are paraded just before a race. Getting an up close look at the muscle and strength these animals posses is amazing. On the very last race their horse Twinspired lined up in the #12 position and surprised everyone with a first place finish!!! We all rushed to the winner’s circle, where I got my picture taken with famous trainer Mike Maker. If you’re wondering, no I wasn’t smart enough to place a bet on their 12:1 long shot. Darn it!!

You still have time to create your own Keeneland memories. The fall races run through October 30th.

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