Thursday, October 14, 2010

One More Reason to go to Findlay Market

Hi it’s Meghan:) If you’ve never been to Findlay Market, why not? It’s a very unique and interesting place. A variety of vendors sell an array of meats, cheeses, produce and spices. Now there is a brand new business.

Fresh Table just opened inside the market house. When you get to the green lights hanging over a glass case of beautifully displayed dishes, you are there. The business is the creation of Chef Meredith Trombly and Chef Louis Snowden. They previously worked together at Bigg’s and recently decided to create something on their own.

Think sustainable, local and organic. That’s the concept behind Fresh Table’s freshly prepared food. Customers can look into the case, pick a few of the tempting bites and take a box home for lunch or dinner. The menu is always changing because the chefs buy from vendors at the market and around the city, which also keeps it seasonal and fresh.

Ever tried an Eggless Egg Salad? I hadn’t either. But you can now. It’s made from tofu, soy mayonnaise, dill and turmeric. Yes it is yummy and actually tastes like eggs! My favorites are the savory bread pudding, marinated mushrooms and fennel salad. There was also the corn pudding adapted from a Shaker recipe that dates back to the 1700’s.

There are other cool things about Fresh Table too. Everything is recyclable or compostable. The kitchen scraps are composted and the take home containers are biodegradable.

The walls are about to get a fresh look too. What are now plain white walls will soon be a showcase of Rookwood Pottery tile. Another cool design element of Fresh Table is the digital signage and live video stream. The two TV monitors can show the ever changing menu or give customers a live look at what’s cooking. I know I’ll make it a point to stop on my trips to the market. Enjoy!

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