Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's there to be afraid of?

Boo!  Did I scare you?  Hi it’s Meghan:)

Fall vegetables are ripe, the air's getting cooler... and 'tis the season for ghosts and goblins!  I love fall and I really love Halloween.  Just ask my sister, who came home on September 15 to find that I had already decorated our dining room with fake cobwebs and spiders!  I also love haunted houses, and my favorite place to get scared is Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.

Some friends and I went last Friday and we all had a blast.  We didn’t make it through all 14 haunted attractions, but we did venture through about half.  Of course we checked out the newest one, Wolf Pack.  It’s a werewolf-themed maze that will make you think twice before taking that next hike in the woods when there's a full moon (which there actually was that night).  The actor working the front door even had this amazing ability to produce a growl just like a werewolf.  Wolf Pack is near Flight Deck back in the Action Zone.

Outside the entrance to Club Blood a sexy vampiress greeted us by saying, “don’t touch my girls and they won’t touch you.”  That should have given us an idea of what type of “club” we were about to enter.  Frankly, the guys all seemed like they'd be willing to risk a bite on the neck just for a chance to meet one of the Club Blood dancers:)  My favorite though was Trail of Terror.  As you might guess, this one is through the woods, where I did more running than walking.  I discovered there’s something terrifying about a guy dressed in a long black trench coat and hat, dragging a stick.  The sound and sight of that really gave me the chills.

Kings Island goes overboard to turn the park into a fright fest.  Coffins, cobwebs, monsters and skeletons are everywhere!  Plus most of the rides are open and – here’s the best part – the lines were short.  Everyone wants to go into the haunted attractions so we were able to walk right on to rides like Diamondback and Delirium.  There's nothing quite like riding The Beast in the dark with flashing lights and smoke in your face.

For thrills and chills this Halloween season, Kings Island is the spot.  It’s open 7pm to close on Fridays and Saturdays in October.  If you aren't afraid of a few nightmares, you should check it out… I dare you!

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