Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt

Statues that guarded temple


What does that mean?  Amazing.  Impressive.  Beautiful.  A perfect description of the new Cleopatra exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

I think you'd agree it takes a lot to impress us these days, but I promise this exhibit will astound you.  You'll see 150 incredible artifacts that had been lost at sea for nearly 2,000 years!  And you’ll learn about them from Cleopatra herself, as she takes you on an audio tour, telling her story and walking you through the ruins of ancient Alexandria, Canopus and Heracleion.

What's nearly as impressive as the artifacts themselves is expedition to bring them to you.  You’ll feel like one of the explorers as they describe their search for these hidden treasures of ancient Egypt and Cleopatra’s tomb.  You’ll see the massive operation to recover them from their burial ground beneath the ocean floor.

Cleopatra's necklace and earrings

My favorite part of the exhibit was the two 17 foot tall statues that stood guard outside an Egyptian temple that only Cleopatra was allowed in.  Standing before these granite masterpieces will take you back in time.  I also was impressed with the jewelry.  The tiered and beaded dangle earrings I have today are incredibly similar to the ones worn by Cleopatra 2,000 years ago, except mine aren't made of pure gold and precious stones:)

This exhibit truly is a must-see.  Cincinnati is one of only 6 stops for it in the United States.  It's here until September, so don't miss your chance to get personal with one of the most powerful and seductive women to ever live!

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